Become a Garden Tower ambassador and earn additional income by referring other gardening enthousiasts

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you want to share you passion and knowledge of gardening with others while growing your income? Capitalize on your talent by joining the Garden Tower Canada's Ambassador program. .

JFI Enterprises is pleased to announce the launching of the Garden Tower Canada Ambassador Program. This exciting, new program allows gardeners around the country to turn their passion into additional income. When you join the program, you are provided with a $20 coupon code that you can share with your friends and community. Whenever the code is used, you collect 12% of the sale! This means over $50 per sale you generate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to get involved?
No, once you have been accepted into the program we will supply you with a manual detailing our policies and procedures, brochures, and some selling tips on how to get started. However, we are offering a starter kit for those of your who would like a sample to work with. A starter kit is basically a complete sample along with additional pamphlets with your name and promo code printed on them. You purchase a unit at full retail price and we credit your commission account $100.00 on your first sale. The sample is yours to keep or to sale to any of your customers. Ambassadors can only purchase one starter kit at this special discounted rate.
Why an Ambassador Program?
The retail environment is changing; consumers are no longer hesitant to purchase products over the internet. When visiting a retail outlet, you get the opportunity to touch, test and sometimes discuss products with store employees. Those benefits come at a cost and generally add layers of costs to the product you wish to purchase. Information and reviews are now readily available on the internet. The missing link is the personal interaction you get when you are talking about a passionate project such as gardening. This is why we decided to offer the Garden Towers through an association of Ambassadors and not retail outlets. It allows you to develop a new stream of income while offering a truly unique product.
I would like to be an Ambassador but don’t have a lot of extra time
No problem, you decide how and when you would like to be involved in promoting the Garden Towers. We have tailored this program to give you all the tools necessary to create your own business. Like any business, what you earn is directly related to the amount of effort you put into it. The Garden Tower Project has a proven track record in providing high quality products and excellent after sales support. You can move forward knowing that the product your offering will be a welcome addition to any gardening project.