The Garden Tower makes it easy for you to grow organic vegetables and herbs just about anywhere.

The revolutionary Garden Tower vertical garden & composting system is capable of transforming home gardening, urban gardening, and making a difference.

Grow your own organic produce in the ultimate urban gardening system!

The Garden Tower is a complete gardening system that allows you to grow organic vegetables, to compost your kitchen scraps and to recycle rain water in just 4 sq. feet. Get the most complete gardening system for just $469
The Garden Tower has made it possible for me to enjoy fresh veggies and herbs all year long with next to no effort!
Sandi Barnes Gomez
Ellettsville, Indiana
I have been very pleased with the results of my fall garden experiment and look forward to planting this spring.
Michael Simmons
Advanced Master Gardener
I absolutely love the Garden Tower and I think every family should have at least one.
Mary Wheeler
Master Gardener

Where it all started

About the Project

Food security is about more than just growing our own food, it is about providing ourselves with a healthy, sustainable diet that will decrease our dependence on mass market foods. The Garden Tower Project was started by an amazing group of individuals in Bloomington, Indiana that are seeking to help individuals around the world achieve their food goals.  Find out more about their great team here.

Key Features

Sturdy Ball Bearing Support

The Garden Tower easily rotates 360 degrees on a smooth ball bearing system

Removable Strainer

By removing the strainer tray, you can allow your compost to drop into the drawer for easy access.

Vented Vermicompost

The top of the composting tube is easily accessible and properly vented to maintain a healthy soil.

Easy to secure

The Garden Tower support feet include a bracket hole to allow you to further secure your unit.

Built-in Composter

The Garden Tower has a built in vermicomposter allowing kitchen scraps to be transformed into high output fertilizer.

Removable Drawer

The planter collects all the nutrient tea and compost in an easy to access drawer.

High Quality Construction

The Garden Tower is 100% made in the USA using high-quality, durable food grade plastic.

Interlocking Shelves

The interlocking shelves of the Garden Tower allow you to grow or shrink your tower easily.